Children's Hospital Foundation General Grants application guidelines 2012

The Children's Hospital Foundation funds grants for innovative projects that improve health outcomes for children. Projects that support the philosophy of Family Centred Care; or provide community education in prevention of illness and disease are encouraged.

Family is the constant in a child’s life and it is important to ensure we provide support to the child and the family ensuring the experience is the best it can be in every case.

The Clinical and Patient Services Committee (CAPS) reviews and prioritises funding applications that are related to the support and delivery of clinical and patient services within the Royal Children’s Hospital and Children’s Health Services District. Only applications that make an impact on child health directly will be considered. Priority will be given to proposals that enhance:

  • Quality of life for all children
  • Service Delivery
  • Patient Quality
  • Community Education and Awareness

Grants will follow a competitive process twice a year with applications closing on the following dates:

  1. Applications are to be submitted by close of business at 5pm Friday 30 March for funding commencing the following July.
  2. Competitive Grant Round 2 has been put on hold until further notice.

A Foundation grant is awarded for a funding period of 12 months, in the first instance, during which time it is expected that the deliverables of the project will be completed.

Interested applicants are encouraged to discuss their projects with their supervisor and seek District approval prior to submitting the appropriate application form.

For all enquiries relating to grant applications and submissions please contact the Corporate Services Officer – Grants Administration either by phone 07 3636 3660 or by email at [email protected].


The following requirements for the awarding of grants must be met:

  1. Applications are open to any Royal Children’s Hospital and Children's Health Service District staff.
  2. All applications must be supported and signed by Head/s of all departments and the CEO, Child Health Services


Applications will not be considered where they are for:

  1. Research, such applications are to be submitted to the Queensland Children’s Medical Research Institute, an entity funded by the Children's Hospital Foundation
  2. Equipment that appears on the Queensland Capital Works list
  3. Programs or initiatives that will require long-term funding
  4. Initiatives that would normally be funded by Queensland Health


  1. Programs
    Programs not funded by Queensland Health will be considered as well as programs needing short-term support. Funding would normally be for one year with a possible second year renewal dependent upon progress and long-term funding options.
  2. Health Promotion, Prevention and Community Education
    Activities that are designed to promote the physical, emotional and social well-being of children and adolescents.
  3. New Initiatives
    Funding which will allow for new initiatives or pilot projects to be established. A second year of funding will be considered dependent upon the progress made and the long-term funding options.
  4. Clinical and support services
    Funding which will enhance family centered care provided within RCH.


Applicants are requested to do following:

  1. Read the CAPS Grant Application Guidelines prior to completing the application form.
  2. All areas of the application form must be fully completed including relevant signatures prior to the closing date. This includes Head/s of all departments. Download the Grants application form.
  3. Application forms must be endorsed by the CEO, Children’s Health Services indicating the project it a priority area for children’s health service.
  4. The budget must record all expenses.
  5. Attach all supporting documentation.
  6. Forward the original application along with six (6) copies to the address below, applications will not be accepted after the advertised closing date and time.

Forward to:
In Person/Internal Mail
Corporate Services Officer
Grants Administration
Children's Hospital Foundation Building
Royal Children’s Hospital
Herston Road, Herston QLD 4029

All email enquiries: [email protected]


Applications are reviewed by the Clinical and Patient Services (CAPS) Committee that will, where necessary and practicable, call on the services of specialists to provide advice to assist in analysis and decision making.

Recommendations for funding will be made to the Foundation Board and applicants advised of the outcome in due course.


Successful applicants will be required to provide a full report and financial acquittal to Children's Hospital Foundation at a minimum annually, depending on program support.

Grant terms and conditions will be outlined to recipients in their award letter.