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Our wonderful team of volunteers supports patients, families
and staff at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

If you would like to gain great experience and become an active member of the Brisbane community,
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March 2014 | Meet Ian Macqueen

Volunteer at the Information Desk


Volunteer Profile Ian Macqueen March 2014 via Nicky PearsonHow long have you been volunteering at the Hospital?

11 ¾ years

What motivated you, or inspired you, to become a volunteer?

We had a little girl in child care that had leukaemia. Visiting the hospital and seeing all of the wonderful work the volunteers were doing we (my wife and I) decided that when time allows we would like to volunteer as well

Name the top three things you enjoy doing as a volunteer?

Satisfaction from helping parents find their way in the hospital as it can be very stressful trying o finds your way around when you have other things on your mind. Seeing the smiles on the kids faces when we hand out free toys and presents. Staff interaction and the daily smiles that the staffs give to volunteers.

Where were you born?

Korumburra Hospital one Sunday afternoon at 5pm

Share with us your earliest childhood memory?

Riding my three wheeler and playing with the kids down the street. Especially this one little girl who had big fuzzy hair!

What is your all-time favourite movie?

Sound of Music

Do you have a favourite TV program?

No real favourite but I enjoy watching Frasier.

What song makes you want to get up and want to dance? Your ‘happy’ song.

Any songs from the 1930’s and 40’s. I love ‘Smile though your heart is breaking’

What song would you chose to sing at Karaoke?

I only like karaoke if someone else is doing it!

In your spare time, what do you do to relax?

No spare time! Too much fun to be had!

When you were a child, what was your dream to be when you grew up?

I was just happy to be growing up! Dad wanted me to be a builder but I never had preferences as to what I should be but I didn’t become a builder!

Where is your favourite holiday location and why?

All different places each time! The joy is in exploring and seeing all different places!

If you could invite four people to dinner, in addition to yourself, alive/dead – who would you invite?

1. Dad. Would love have another meal with him.
2. Mum
3. Mr Patterson. He was my intructor who took me under his wing at my first job
4. The Queen

What meal is your ‘signature’ dish?

Fried Rice

Do you have a party trick or hidden talent?

Lots of unfinished talents!

If you could cure one thing, what is it, and why?

Indifference, complacency and apathy in people including myself!